Enjoy international foods to support Waikato Eid celebration

Waikato Muslim Association invites you to buy lunch to raise funds for the upcoming Eid celebration.

Eid ul Adha ("the feast of the sacrifice") is the second of Islam's two annual festivals. It is due to occur in late July 2021.

"We are planning to hold a celebration for the whole community. This is tentatively scheduled for 24 July," said Asad Mohsin, president of the Association.

Volunteers are preparing meals for sale to raise funds for the celebration. These include foods from South Asia, Malaysia, South Africa and the Middle East.

The meals are being sold at the Hamilton Mosque after Friday congregational prayers weekly until 9 July.

"Financial contributions to either the fundraising lunches or the Eid celebration are also welcome," said Asad Mohsin.

Please contact the Waikato Muslim Association office to contribute. Contact details are here.

See the details of each meal here.