Two Jum'ah prayers each Friday at Hamilton Mosque in Term 2 school holidays

The Jum'ah (Friday) prayer schedule has been released for the Hamilton Mosque at 921 Heaphy Terrace for the term two school holidays.

"There will be two sessions each on Friday 16 July and Friday 23 July," said Asad Mohsin, president of the Waikato Muslim Association Inc.

The first Jum’ah adhan (call to prayer) for the first session will be given at 12.35pm and the first adhan for the second session will be given at 1.15pm, with the khutbah (sermon) to begin five minutes later in each case.

"We ask worshippers who attend the first session to vacate the mosque promptly  following the obligatory prayers and pray their sunnah (supererogatory) prayers at home," said Asad Mohsin.

This will make it easier for worshippers arriving for the second session.

Two sessions were first held during COVID-19 Alert Level 2 in 2020 and again on each of the Fridays during the term one school holidays in April 2021, in response to very large congregations witnessed during the summer holidays

Details of the Jum'ah sessions in the term two school holidays can be found here.