Waikato Muslim Association urges: check Hamilton COVID-19 locations of interest

The Waikato Muslim Association Inc reminds everyone in Hamilton to check the COVID-19 contact tracing locations of interest regularly and follow the health instructions if you were at a location on the same date and time shown.

"The number of cases in the community has been increasing over the past month. Locations of interest are updated hourly and include a number of places in Hamilton," said Asad Mohsin, President of the Waikato Muslim Association Inc.

"For example, we have offered our support to our brothers and sisters at the masjid in the Hamilton West suburb of Frankton. It was identified as a location of interest today," said Asad Mohsin.

"Please self-isolate, test immediately and on day 5 after you were exposed at a location of interest. Further isolation and testing requirements will be provided by Public Health," said Asad Mohsin.

If you are a close contact record your visit online or call Healthline so our contact tracers can get in touch.

A full list of the Ministry of Health's locations of interest, which continues to be updated hourly, can be found here.